SYNOT Group has set up the new company in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the SYNOT Group began its operations at the end of 2015 when it opened its first casino. By now, there are three casinos and until the end of the year there is a plan to open two more. Existing and newly built casinos will be exclusively equipped with SYNOT's state-of-the-art game technology.

"We see a great potential for future growth within the Asian market. Our plan is to expand to other Southeast Asian countries. It also calls for the name of the new SYNOT South East Asia. We do not want to confine ourselves to the lottery business only. As we have said before, our plan is to engage in the same way as in other countries where we operate, such as tourism, IT, or sports support activities," added Miroslav Valenta jr., Sales Director of the SYNOT Group.

The new company SYNOT SEA is based in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest and most advanced city in the country.

About SYNOT Group:

These days, the SYNOT Group employs about three thousand employees and operates on almost every continent, approximately in twenty countries all around the world. Its business activities has in Europe, Africa, America, Australia and also in Asia. In addition to the lottery industry and leading-edge IT technologies, software solutions and gaming devices also focuses on investments in tourism and sport, supports start-up projects, media activities and other business sectors. Its annual turnover is approximately 16 billion Czech crowns.